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LazerModels "They're Kits You Build"

These laser cut wood models are designed piece by piece - no simple "scan and print". All of us at LazerModels take pride in the designs we create and the material we use to manufacture our models. We laser cut our wood models out of the best Baltic Birch available and this produces a nice, clean, finished product. By laser cutting the wood models we can ensure a perfect fit for each piece which will in turn create an amazing laser cut wood model.

Our best sellers

Product ID: 40-Cal_RubberBand_Shooter
40 Cal RubberBand Shooter
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Price: $24.95
Product ID: 9mm-by-LazerModels
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Price: $19.95
Product ID: Bi-Plane-by-LazerModels
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Price: $19.95
Product ID: Fighter1_by_LazerModels
Fighter 1
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Price: $14.95
Product ID: Revolver-by-LazerModels
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Price: $19.95
Product ID: Stage-Coach
Stage Coach
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Price: $24.95
Product ID: Tank-M1-by-LazerModels
Tank (M1)
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Price: $24.95
Product ID: Train-by-LazerModels
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Price: $29.95


Very solid, a little rough on grip
Thrown, tossed, stepped on, dropped, yet the thing hold together. Perhaps it's all the wood glue you need to use to keep all the little barrel pieces together. The contoured grip is a bit rough, but I have large fingers so that could be the problem.
Reviewer: Daniel

Nice Clock
This clock is very well built. One of the reasons we bought it is all the parts are made in the USA.
Reviewer: Lisa A.

I was surprised
I was surprised when I finished building this and not only did it look correct but shoots very accurate.
Reviewer: Steven

A shot of Paris
We love this model it reminds us of our honeymoon.
Reviewer: Ellen

The closest I will ever get
I bought this for myself being I will never get to Paris so painted this with light silver and put glitter on it.
Reviewer: Sue

Love this clock
This clock looks fantastic and looks great on my den wall.
Reviewer: SGT.

Such a beautiful model!
I bought this model for my son who loves tanks, and when the first set came with some missing pieces, Craig sent us a whole new model which my son assembled immediately. It is a lovely addition to his "tank decor" bedroom. It was just the right level of challenge for him (he's 13) and it displays beautifully! Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service.
Reviewer: Susan

Just wanted to say thank you
Just wanted to say thank you very much to for your outstanding service! I recently bought my son one of your airplane models. He forgot he left it on the floor and stepped on it. Two small pieces broke at the wing supports and he was very upset. I contacted and I had the 2 replacement parts in my mailbox two days later. They didn’t even charge me for the replacement parts, which I was more than willing to pay for. This is a great example of outstanding customer service. My two sons love these products and we plan to stay loyal customers. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you.
Reviewer: Scott

Its amazing
The feel and everything its much more complex than anything ive ever done and i can do legos in about 15 minutes but with the directions its easy lookin forward to buying more
Reviewer: Kyle

Great fun assembling, good result.
Reviewer: JoeB

This was an awesome gift from my son who purchased it at Knotts. we built it in just over an hour and it was fun. love the bus because I have one. you guys should make a panel version without rear side windows. put your logo on the side or the knotts logo. I would by that too. thanks
Reviewer: Kenny J

It was fun the wheels got me on this so that is the secret
Reviewer: john

Thank you!
I just wanted to thank you for the fast service, I got my order in just a few days after ordering. I went to the Sugar Plum Festival and saw your display of puzzles. My brother really enjoys unique puzzles, so I ordered them off of your website and he was surprised they got here before his birthday. It's hard to find unique gifts like these, I will be back at Christmas! Thanks again, Cheryl Elliott
Reviewer: Cheryl Elliott

Amazing product
This tank was amazing and was very fun to put together, i would not put it down unless i had to got to school or eat diner. Only thing I had a little trouble with was the hole the machine gun part was supposed to go through was on the right side instead of the left! Definately great looking and I will definately recomend these products to everyone i know! Thanks!
Reviewer: Joseph

Got any work
This tractor was a blast to build looks just like My John Deere.
Reviewer: Carl

Just simple
This was very easy to build and I now have it in my gun case it is fun to see people look twice
Reviewer: Chris

Eiffel Tower
This is such a beautiful model my husband bought it for me on our 1 year anniversary to be a reminder of our honeymoon.
Reviewer: Tina

Not as simple as it looked
This was not as simple as it looked. I know it was a puzzle but I would love more hints.
Reviewer: Sue

Bought this yesterday at the San Jose Harvest festival for my 82 year old dad. He's gonna luv it. Directions were just a wee bit hard to understand but I figured it out. Use wood clue to clue pieces together. Wood burned finish Moveable chamber Made in USA Beautiful completed piece
Reviewer: pvencool

Love this plane
I love this plane it is so realistic and looks old that makes it so cool. Thought about painting it but decided I like the wood look.
Reviewer: John


Recommended items

Product ID: 40-Cal_RubberBand_Shooter
40 Cal RubberBand Shooter
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Price: $24.95
Product ID: Fighter1_by_LazerModels
Fighter 1
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Price: $14.95
Product ID: Semi-Truck-by-LazerModels
Semi Truck
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Price: $24.95
Product ID: Tank-M1-by-LazerModels
Tank (M1)
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Price: $24.95

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