"LazerModels They are Kits You Build Made in the U.S.A.


Lazermodels are Unique Laser cut Wood Models, all our laser cut models are designed piece by piece - no simple "scan and print". All of us at LazerModels take a lot of pride in everything we do along with the designs we create and the material we use to manufacture our models. The material we use to laser cut our models is not cheap or inexpensive Balsa Wood, we only use the "Best" grade of  "GENUINE" Baltic Birch Plywood to create Lasting and Dependable models that can be enjoyed for years. By using "GENUINE" Baltic Birch Plywood we are able to produces a nice, clean, finished product. By laser cutting the wood models we can ensure a perfect fit for each piece which will in turn create an amazing laser cut wood model.

Some of our Most Popular LazerModels...


This Train is a great deal not only do you get all 3 pieces but is is designed after the train at the World Famus Knotts Berry Farm.

Price: $29.95
Flat Car W/Sleigh

This is a flat car with a removable sleigh it is a the perfect seasonal add-on to our fantastic train model.

Price: $14.95

The Falcon-1 is the power house of good over evil as some would say. When you start building this model you will become part of the intergalactic force, by gluing each piece your galactic force becomes stronger. This model comes with a stand.

Price: $19.95
Fighter 1

The Fighter-1 is the key weapon in your intergalactic battle needed to protect the commander. When you start building this model you will become part of the intergalactic force, by gluing each piece your galactic force becomes stronger. This model comes with a stand, but if you want you can use the hanger to raise it high to conquer the galaxy.

Price: $14.95

Frequent Builder's Club...

At LazerModels our goal is to give a great laser cut model at a fair price, but we also want to say thank you to our returning customers. Join our “Frequent Builder's Club” (our loyalty program)! Here is how it works: Simply sign-up and create an account. Every time you buy a model, you will get points toward your next purchase. We feel it is important to give back and to say thank you so this is how we figured we could do just that.



Let's Get Social...

We love to hear from our customers and see the laser cut models they have built. Check out our Social Media Pages links right below this text. Facebook (check in, Like Us, Post a pic of your model) Twitter (Tweet something) Instagram (Follow Us, Post a pic of your model), you get the idea. Our goal is to create a safe and fun place to share the models we have built and who you built them with.

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LazerModels Owner Craig Laser cut wood models


What do I do? Well that is easy I do everything that Cheryl doesn't do (and she does a lot). Cheryl and I fit like a glove my weakness is her strength and her weakness is my strength. I do the entire technical side of things all the designing, instructions, website, social media and most of the shows.


LazerModels Shop for Laser cut wood models

LazerModels Shop

You can see in the image above one of our lasers cutting out a model and below you will see an image of the shop. We make all our models and we buy wood by the pallets - over 1500 sheets at a time.


LazerModels Owner Cheryl Laser Cut Wood Models


First off Cheryl is my "Best Friend" and my "Beautiful Bride" she brings so much to Lazermodels it is hard to say what all she does, from running the lasers to doing all the paperwork, accounting, booking of shows and the hardest job keeping me focused. One of the most important jobs I feel is after I finish designing a model and writing the instructions she takes that model and builds it off my instructions and as she builds the new model she also re-writes the instructions so they are easy to follow. I am so blessed to have her on board.


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