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LazerModels "They're Kits You Build"

These models are designed piece by piece - no simple "scan and print". All of us at LazerModels take pride in the designs we create and the material we use to manufacture our models. We laser cut our models out of the best Baltic Birch available and this produces a nice, clean, finished product. By laser cutting the models we can ensure a perfect fit for each piece which will in turn create an amazing wood model.


Its amazing
The feel and everything its much more complex than anything ive ever done and i can do legos in about 15 minutes but with the directions its easy lookin forward to buying more
Reviewer: Kyle

Fun to Build
This was fun to build now it sits on my shelf and looks great.
Reviewer: Don K.

not for a novice
great model. Smells good. Instructions are very very poor. Go online and look at the pictures to put it together correctly. Note.... Instructions have been re-written during the month of July due to this response and some others with the same concerns.
Reviewer: jph

Love this
Having spent 23 years on submarines, I truly enjoy having this model. It was fun to build, and great to have. Thanks for coming to the street fair in HB!
Reviewer: Joe

Castle of snow white
Got this castle for my daughter and she loves it plays with it with her snow white.
Reviewer: judy

Pretty cool!
This model is thoroughly enjoyable to build, if a little time consuming. the big tradeoff here is all the little pices that make the barrel, but once fully assembled, it has a cool look to it.
Reviewer: Some random customer

This was an awesome gift from my son who purchased it at Knotts. we built it in just over an hour and it was fun. love the bus because I have one. you guys should make a panel version without rear side windows. put your logo on the side or the knotts logo. I would by that too. thanks
Reviewer: Kenny J

It was fun the wheels got me on this so that is the secret
Reviewer: john

Great Model
This model is a great build it looks so much like an M1. Great Job
Reviewer: John

This is amazing
My father got this for me as a graduation gift. He had it personalized for me. I am blown away by the small things that they put in this shell to make it look real. Great job.
Reviewer: James

Fun puzzle got the mini bug sits in my room on a shelf
Reviewer: Don

Loved it, I thoguht this would be hard to build but like they said it took 2-3 hours looks cool
Reviewer: Paul

Just fun
Enjoyed building this model.
Reviewer: Kat

Just what I needed an Uzi for my gun collection :)
Reviewer: Jill

This brings back the old memories of the drag races
Reviewer: Carl

You're the geratest! JMHO
Reviewer: Jim

Fun to do
Reviewer: bob

Great thiknnig! Thit really breaks the mold!
Reviewer: John

This was a gift from my husband and it took me right back to our honeymoon.
Reviewer: Jill

Great gift
My husband just got back home and my daughter wanted something special to give him, this clock was great.
Reviewer: Jane

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only available in Canada :(

It is good to be home will be releasing a new model soon and have two more on the boards right now. So stay tuned

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