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Lazermodels are Unique Wood Model Kits, all our models are designed piece by piece - no simple "scan and print". All of us at LazerModels take a lot of pride in everything we do along with the designs we create and the material we use to manufacture our models. The material we use to laser cut our models is not cheap or inexpensive Balsa Wood, we only use the "Best" grade of "GENUINE" Baltic Birch Plywood to create Lasting and Dependable model kits that can be enjoyed for years. By using "GENUINE" Baltic Birch Plywood we are able to produces a nice, clean, finished wooden model. By using lasers to cut the wood models we can ensure a perfect fit for each piece which will in turn create an amazingwood model kit. We also are offering assembly videos for most of our models.


Craig for LazerModels laser cut wood models
What do I do?
Well that is easy I do everything that Cheryl doesn't do (and she does a lot). Cheryl and I fit like a glove my weakness is her strength and her weakness is my strength. I do the entire technical side of things all the designing, instructions, website, social media and most of the shows.
Cheryl for LazerModels laser cut wood models
First off Cheryl is my "Best Friend" and my "Beautiful Bride"
S she brings so much to Lazermodels it is hard to say what all she does, from running the lasers to doing all the paperwork, accounting, booking of shows and the hardest job keeping me focused. One of the most important jobs I feel is after I finish designing a model and writing the instructions she takes that model and builds it off my instructions and as she builds the new model she also re-writes the instructions so they are easy to follow. I am so blessed to have her on board.
Shop for LazerModels laser cut wood models
Our Shop
You can see in the image above one of our lasers cutting out a model and below you will see an image of the shop. We make all our models and we buy wood by the pallets - over 1500 sheets at a time.


I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impsosbile.
Reviewer: Greg

Fun to Build
This was fun to build now it sits on my shelf and looks great.
Reviewer: Don K.

Great gift
Got this at the Knott's store and had a blast building it with my daughter
Reviewer: Don

Small but fun
Bought this little puzzle and it is a blast very unique qith all the moving parts
Reviewer: Bob

If you're looking to buy a great gift this is it. The tank is so cool and fun to build
Reviewer: Candace

fun to do
Got this for my birthday was missing a part but contacted lazermodels and they sent me a part out right away no questions asked thanks.
Reviewer: billy

This is amazing
My father got this for me as a graduation gift. He had it personalized for me. I am blown away by the small things that they put in this shell to make it look real. Great job.
Reviewer: James

Such a beautiful model!
I bought this model for my son who loves tanks, and when the first set came with some missing pieces, Craig sent us a whole new model which my son assembled immediately. It is a lovely addition to his "tank decor" bedroom. It was just the right level of challenge for him (he's 13) and it displays beautifully! Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service.
Reviewer: Susan

Awesome Gift!
Had fun building this wooden replica 40 cal. rubber band gun. High detail, good instructions, nice finished product. Will buy again as gifts for friends.
Reviewer: Chase Waller

Toot Toot
This was a great item to build will buy more
Reviewer: Edward G.

Hard at the first look
Just because the instruction graphics are 2D, it was a little confused at the first beginning. Once you get used to it, it will get easier. The wing tip (the small part that holds the wing together) is pretty fragile, need to touch it with caution.
Reviewer: Kunous

Thanks alot - was fun to build didn't realize the chamber opened nice touch
Reviewer: John

i built this thing in about 15 minutes with putting glue cuz i am afraid ill put the glue in the wrong place and the instructions arent really helpful either but its cool fun so ill rate 5stars i guess
Reviewer: Jacob

My M1
I really appreciate the true working of an artist. This Tank is so detailed and great.
Reviewer: Daniel

Got any work
This tractor was a blast to build looks just like My John Deere.
Reviewer: Carl

Two thumbs up
This was really fun little project that I picked up at the SD craft fair. Very easy to put together.
Reviewer: David

Love this
Having spent 23 years on submarines, I truly enjoy having this model. It was fun to build, and great to have. Thanks for coming to the street fair in HB!
Reviewer: Joe

Easy, accurate, and useful
I bought one of these kits for Box 2.0 just this weekend at Harvest Festival. It took just an hour or so to assemble. I did a dry fit first to make sure all the pieces fit and that I had everything. I only had to do a smidgen of sanding on the first couple of tabs to get a perfect fit - which was way better than I expected! Given the high level of detail and the fact that wood can be very sensitive to temperature and humidity, I expected it to require a lot more finesse, but instead it went together like a very clever dream. I loved the smart little secret sliding door. I only wish I'd thought to put vellum in the windows before glueing it. And also if you wanted to light it, it would be trivial to wire an LED to a switch inside the secret compartment. Great gift material for the sci-fi crafty nerd in your life.
Reviewer: Edith Wentz

Great Model
This model is a great build it looks so much like an M1. Great Job
Reviewer: John

this is a great gun! took me not even a hour! the wood finish is nice. one thing would make it a bit better if you could put bullets in the chamber
Reviewer: JM

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May 19, 2018

Duck-A-Thon in Huntington Beach @ the Pier Saturday and Sunday Escondido Street Faire on Sunday

Duck-A-Thon Huntington Beach @ the Pier Sat. and Sun. Escondido Faire Sunday (bottom of page) Come stop by and see Cheryl today and Sunday @ pier plaza, She will tell you all about how we make our wood model kits and be more than happy to put one in a bag for you to take […]


Duck-A-Thon Huntington Beach @ the Pier Sat. and Sun.

Escondido Faire Sunday
(bottom of page)

Come stop by and see Cheryl today and Sunday @ pier plaza, She will tell you all about how we make our wood model kits and be more than happy to put one in a bag for you to take home and build.

The Main Event

Over 3,000 baby duckies turn the tides yellow as they race to dry land! The first 60 baby ducks to shore win a prize for their owners. The 1st place winner wins $1,000!

The online Duck-A-Thon store is now closed! You can still purchase your ducks at the Huntington Beach Pier. Duck booth will close at 2:30 pm.

All prizes are donated by local business and community members.

After the main event, you will be able to pick-up your baby ducks on:

Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Duck Pond, under the big tent

Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Duck Pond, under the big tent

Baby ducks can be picked up until June 15 by calling 714-504-8737

Vendor Festival

During the vendor festival, over 60 vendors set up along the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza to sell their goods including arts, crafts, wellness festival, free health screenings, home décor, jewelry and much more. We also have a Kid Zone which includes bounce houses, retired rubber duck decorating, games, and prizes!

Corporate Duck Race

The Corporate Duck Race happens on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. These ducks are much larger than the standard baby ducks. Sponsored by businesses, organizations, and individuals, Corporate Ducks compete for the coveted Golden Duck Traveling Trophy. Each year, a new winner proudly displays this trophy at a location of their discretion. If you’d like, you can even choose to display it at AltaMed Medical and Dental Group – Huntington Beach!

Escondido Faire


May 20, 2018 / 9am-5pm 

Over 400 vendors, live entertainment, and food from around the world have combined to make the Escondido Grand Avenue Festival a family tradition since 1989.

The festival kicks off at 9 a.m. and will jump and jive all day until 5 p.m. Come and join us on historic Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido.

Find us around Grand and Maple near the community stage.

Read more at our blog